Escaping Urban Pressures, A Small Town’s Restaurant Scene Grows In The Shadow Of The Twin Cities
By Jayne Carlson | April 18, 2017

When Kay Timm opened her restaurant in Hudson Wisconsin, she was not the only one to notice an opportunity in the area. People used to visit Hudson, Wisconsin for its shops and riverfront. Now, they are coming for the unique restaurants. “Before I opened my … Continued

Nashville Restaurants Find Themselves in the Middle of Online Delivery Turf War
By Troy Dixon | February 27, 2017

Damon Atkinson prefers to spend his time focused on crafting the perfect homemade pasta and sauces. Since opening Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. nearly a year ago, the restaurant has enjoyed success and stellar reviews on Yelp. However, one thing has threatened to hold Damon and his … Continued

What Happens When Restaurateurs Wear Their Political Heart On Their Sleeves
By Kristin Hunt | February 24, 2017

Social media trolling and improved sales reported by some politically active restaurants A receipt from a restaurant is hardly remarkable, not something you’d normally see go viral. But when a guest at Kiwiana tweeted a photo of her brunch receipt, it made waves. But it … Continued

Restaurant Workers Organize a Walkout, and Many Restaurants Close in Support
By Megan Nixon | February 16, 2017

Chris Nardelli won’t be opening Blue 44 Restaurant and Bar in DC this morning. No cast iron sprouts, no pan roasted chicken, no fish tacos. The restaurant, like many others across the country, is closed as a nationwide protest of President Donald J. Trump’s controversial … Continued

Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen Puts Squeeze on Twin Cities’ Restaurateurs
By Lynne MK Morioka | February 13, 2017

Step into Rainbow Chinese Restaurant in Minneapolis, Minn. and you’ll almost always find owner Tammy Wong in the kitchen. Whether she’s personally creating dishes for former Vice President Walter Mondale’s birthday or peeling carrots, she’s the “chief cook and bottle washer” because she has to … Continued