Cloud Based Restaurant POS

A cloud-based POS is a web-hosted solution. Your data is quite literally “in the cloud,” meaning remote servers store information and make it available online, anywhere, anytime.  In short, cloud-based point-of-sale software will work on any computer or iPad anywhere in the world. Legacy POS … Continued

iPad Restaurant POS

Restaurant point of sale systems of the future will be replaced with iPads (or similar mobile touch-screen tablets) … or so it seems. A range of iPad-based point-of-sale systems are on the market now. Performing the same basic functions as the generic point-of-sale system, an … Continued

Restaurant Online Ordering

Online ordering has become a consumer habit and a major revenue opportunity for restaurants. Orders placed online are on the trajectory to surpass orders placed by phone (Quartz), encouraging restaurateurs to embrace the online ordering trend. For many restaurants, online ordering capabilities are achieved through … Continued

Restaurant POS

POS is an acronym meaning point of sale. In the restaurant business, point of sale is the computer system used to track sales, cash flow, and inventory. A restaurant POS system, however, can mean much more than that. A point of sale system can include … Continued

Restaurant POS Hardware

Restaurant POS hardware will vary depending on the setup you choose for your restaurant. You might be inclined to think of a point of sale as the hardware that sits on a countertop and captures orders and payments. In reality, a restaurant POS is the … Continued

Restaurant POS Offline Mode

Offline mode is a restaurant POS feature that keeps your restaurant running even if the Internet isn’t. In most cases, this means you can continue to accept credit card transactions safely and securely, even if your iPad POS is not connected to the Internet. What … Continued

Restaurant POS Software – Glossary

Not all restaurant point of sale software is created equal. Restaurant POS software is the heart of the system. This is how you and your staff will manage covers, checks, orders, receipts, reporting, and many, many more functions. Restaurant POS software features POS Software that … Continued

Restaurant POS System Cost

When it comes to paying for a restaurant POS system, you might be wondering, “How much should a restaurant POS system cost?” The short answer is that costs are variable. The cost of a restaurant POS system will vary depending on the type of POS … Continued

What is EMV Compliance?

EMV is a global initiative to combat fraud and protect data. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa — the three companies that originally created the payments standard that restaurants must use. In a nutshell, EMV alters the way payments are validated in the restaurant … Continued