Going "Back To School" With Upserve Academy

“We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.”

I have a confession to make: I’d go to school forever if I could. As a marketer, not a day goes by that I don’t find myself watching talks, reading articles, and joining in on webinars focused on enhancing (or teaching new) career skills.

… Which is probably exactly why I ended up taking a ton of courses in Upserve Academy all at once.

Back To School, Back To School

To prove to dad I’m not a fool… 🙂

Working in a tech start-up is fast paced. I’m talking sprinting a marathon fast paced. As a new manager on the marketing team, I knew I had a wide range of skills I wanted to focus on developing and not a ton of time to make it happen. So I logged into Upserve Academy.

I started off by reviewing the courses I had already taken. Was I up to date on any product focused modules? Did I take all of the courses about our industry and our customers? Check. Check.

Ok, so nothing left but the leadership and development courses. I dove into video courses from Lean In on Centered Leadership and Giving and Receiving Feedback. A course on Radical Candor was my next stop – peer to peer feedback is so important.

As a new leader, taking the module on Influencing and Motivating Others was a no-brainer… but the module on managing priorities was a great pit stop for me to reflect on how I get things done. You really never know that you could be doing something better until you explore other ways to do it.

Passing It On

Not everyone has time to sit home at night and take 6 courses back to back (or wants to). As a leader, it would be a missed opportunity if I did not pass this new found knowledge onto my team – both literally in my day-to-day and also in their own development.

Now, my team has their own “Syllabus” of courses I suggest they take for their own personal growth in their role and at Upserve.

And of course, I already have my own list of courses I want to take next (or retake – you can never learn enough about how the product you are marketing works)!

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