Happy to be Here: The Importance Of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is more than a buzz word, it’s the key to our success at Upserve.

Our executive team is committed to collecting candid feedback from our team. To make it easy, our Talent team distributes a confidential engagement survey every 4 months.

These quarterly surveys allow for us to track our team’s engagement and values, and take action to improve unfavorable results.

It’s not simply about collecting responses, but about making changes that matter to our employees. Our goal is to ensure our employees feel engaged, maintain a sense of pride for working here, and can grow. The results are aggregated and shared across the organization, so that we can all feel a sense of ownership over both our strengths and areas for improvement.


Engagement At Upserve

While most companies strive for high levels of engagement, few achieve it. In fact, recent Gallup studies have shown that across the United States, engagement of workers is approximately 30%. Yikes! At Upserve, the data doesn’t lie: Our average engagement was at 82% during our last survey. With such a high level of engagement and participation, we are able to get feedback that we can act on immediately.

Why does this matter? So many reasons. Higher employee engagement leads to higher productivity, and a sense of ownership over work. It also leads to higher customer satisfaction, and at Upserve, that’s the main thing.

Upserve engagement score


We Believe In Our Team & Culture

The late business management guru, Peter Drucker, once said “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” And, we couldn’t agree more. We also know that creating and maintaining a great culture is more than happy hours and ping pong tables (though we love those, too). To have a winning culture, you need to start with a winning team. Here at Upserve, 87% of our employees take pride in telling people they work here. And, even more telling, 92% say that they feel their opinions are valued and respected by their peers.

This doesn’t surprise us, as our team lives by the core value of “One Team.”

“It’s rare to work for a company that truly allows you to have your voice heard. It makes me excited to come to work every day.”

Upserve marketing team

Values such as these are certainly not unique, but it’s what they mean to Upserve is what makes them so great. It’s our “Values in Action”. When we talk about “One Team” we don’t just mean here at Upserve we are one team. We mean that our customers are part of our team, our partners are part of our team, our family is part of our team. It takes a village, and the feedback that our customers give us and our ongoing conversations with them that makes us successful and helps us do what we do.


We Believe In Our Product + Future

Our employees are not only proud to work at Upserve, but proud of our product and the industry that we serve. At Upserve, 87% of our employees are proud to work at Upserve – and that translates into results. In fact, 9 out of 10 of our employees feel motivated to go above and beyond – a true indicator of how well we live our core value of ‘impact’.

“Knowing we have a unique offering in our field gets me excited to be creative and innovative on a day to day”.

We believe in taking action

At Upserve, we believe that it’s important to celebrate your wins – but, just as important to think about how you can improve. It is for that exact reason that our Talent team facilitates action planning with our managers on how to use employee feedback to make positive changes at Upserve.

Here are some examples of what we mean…

  • When we learned only 50% of our company believed we were committed to improving the quality of tools and resources, we prioritized getting power users trained on core systems and introduced a new iterative architecture planning process for Sales Operations and internal IT infrastructure projects.
  • When we saw gaps in engagement between males and females as well as other sub groups, we launched unconscious bias training and reinforced ‘color brave’ not ‘color blind’ practices. We also joined Project Include – a community for building meaningful, enduring diversity and inclusion into tech companies.
  • After hearing that only 56% of employees felt they were getting frequent, actionable feedback, we shared tools for conducting meaningful quarterly look back conversations and held a workshop with managers on delivering actionable and candid feedback.

At Upserve, we strive to create a strong and engaged culture. Think you can make an impact? Check out open positions here.

Alaina Restivo (Former VP of Talent)
Alaina is a Rhode Island native with a passion for the beach and all things seafood. She has more than a decade of experience creating high performing teams at companies such as McKinsey & Company and Teach For America and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from The George Washington University. Given a choice, her last meal would be a fresh lobster roll from Kennebunk, ME.