Meet The Team: Simon, Principal Software Engineer

Meet Simon! Since 2010, he’s been a part of the team at Upserve. At the time we talked he was living in Denmark, so I got to chat with him over Google Hangout to learn more about his experience and why he’s so passionate about developing the Upserve product.

Simon talks about his experience working at Upserve

Hey Simon! What do you do?

I’m a Principal Software Engineer.

What initially attracted you to Upserve?

Upserve was doing something entirely different. At the time I had worked with payment systems and was looking for something in that space but that was different and interesting. What we have now is even more awesome than what we were doing originally.

Very cool, so what does a normal day look like?

Image from EasyJet
Image from EasyJet

When I was working in Denmark, my hours were a little off from the east coast. I’d typically start work at 1 or 2pm. First meeting with the UX team to talk over new designs, general standup with the project we’re working on for about 10 minutes with everyone involved and set a goal for the day, then I program the rest of the day and interacting with people on the team.

So when in Providence, what is your favorite restaurant?

Birch– the food is very awesome. It also feels nordic, so close to home (in Denmark). All around, it’s amazing.

Image from Eat Drink RI
Image from Eat Drink RI

In the past six years you’ve been a part of the team, what has been your favorite achievement working at Upserve?

In 2013 a few of us were tasked with updating our loyalty pages, where our customers show their consumers what loyalty points they have with that restaurant. We had to rebuild that and we were 3 guys that got locked in a room and listened to loud music for 3 weeks, we wrote things all over the walls and windows. There was a lot of crunching to reach a tough deadline but it was an amazing feeling when we got it. It felt like we were high fiving every 5 minutes. It felt amazing we were able to come together and solve it.

If you could describe working at Upserve in three words, what would they be?

Impact. Team. Customer-centric.

Simon in an Upserve meeting in Providence

What makes working at Upserve different than other companies?

Each person has a lot of influence and the focus is on the team to deliver high quality stuff.

What would you say to someone looking to pursue a career at Upserve?

I think you’d look to Upserve for work where you get a real sense of purpose with an exceptionally talented and clever team of people. In everything you do, you know what the direction of the product and you know why that is.

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