Perks and Culture: What Wellness Means at Upserve

Our Goal

The conversations around our Wellness Program continuously circle back to one key issue: impact. What impact are we really having on improving life for everyone involved in what we’re doing?

The goal of our program is more than just to make sure people are free from illness or injury, it’s to positively impact their overall quality of life. Therefore, we’ve put together an all encompassing platform for the betterment of our team, our company, our customers, and our community.

What does that actually look like?

Holistic Wellness

Wellness includes everything from mental health to financial stability. Tackling all aspects of wellness, from stress or dietary restrictions to inclusiveness and physical ailments, (and the list goes on and on), is a lot to take on, and yet that’s exactly what Upserve aims to do. We simply can’t send out health tips about staying active, but ignore that you have no time to go to the gym, and we can’t suggest a healthy diet, but provide only pizza and soda at the office.

The importance of diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition are key elements of any wellness program, and have a major impact on a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as their physical health. The practices we’ve put in place around diet and nutrition are a perfect example of how our program impacts everyone from our employees to the communities around us.

Healthy lunches and snacks

Upserve employees enjoy snack and lunch options daily, with nutritional information highlighted to encourage healthy choices. We take note of any dietary restrictions upon hiring, and offer options for every individual. We utilize both catered lunches and meal passes, both of which come from nearby restaurants. So, while employees enjoy this amazing benefit every day, so do the local economy and small businesses. On top of that, our customers also win, since they are often times the very restaurants we go to for our daily meals.

Wellness for the Earth: Recycling & Composting

When lunch is done we always have a few leftovers, so we’ve implemented a composting program at all of our offices. Our food waste and compostable serveware get delivered to a compost plant, where they’re processed into soil enriching materials. On top of our efforts toward environmental sustainability, our employees also enjoy a discount at The Compost Plant.

Community Supported Agriculture

Upserve not only offers great ways to stay healthy at work, we also offer options for life after you leave the office. There are Community Supported Agriculture programs connected with each of our office locations. Through these programs, employees can order fresh produce or dairy from local farms to be delivered right to the office, making it easy to eat healthy at home as well as at work. By supporting these CSAa, we’re able to promote a just and sustainable food system in our communities.

Physical, mental, and emotional well-being could each be treated separately, and often times are, but at Upserve, we believe they are absolutely tied together. Just like in any business, when one department is suffering, it affects everything else in the organization. All of our benefits are aimed at positively impacting the whole being.

  • Offering comprehensive health benefits, with a paid premium and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (which means not a dime comes out of your paycheck for your health insurance coverage, and almost your entire deductible each year is covered by Upserve), not only benefits you physically, but also gives you a peace of mind that can be worth a lot more than any dollar amount.
  • Keeping an unlimited paid time off policy allows room for self care, family first, volunteering, and other priorities you may have outside of work. We believe there should be work-life balance for the sake of your overall well-being, and we back it up with our unlimited PTO policy.
  • Having company-sponsored intramural sports teams not only encourages physical activity, but also fosters socialization, not just within the company, but also in the community.
  • Having company discounts at spas and gyms nearby benefits your wallet as well as your body.
  • Keeping games and beer on-site give you the option to step away and re-set when you need it.
  • Whoever said that dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery had nothing to do with wellness? Reducing stress is just as important as eating healthy.

Every benefit we offer, from farm share deliveries to spa discounts, ties back to our goal to positively impact your overall quality of life.

It’s not Easy, but it’s Worthwhile

In order to build a program that is both useful and sustainable for our team, we’ve certainly had to flex some of our plays, but we get closer to our goal by the week. While things like retirement accounts, health coverage, and catered meals are certainly not going anywhere, we’re trying new things every day – such as weekly health tips, in-office chair massages, farm-to-table caterers, yoga classes, professional wellness speakers, and so much more. We want to implement a program that works by getting feedback from our staff, to adjust anything that’s not working or could be improved upon. Ultimately, if we’re not improving your quality of life, our program isn’t working.


Alaina Restivo (Former VP of Talent)
Alaina is a Rhode Island native with a passion for the beach and all things seafood. She has more than a decade of experience creating high performing teams at companies such as McKinsey & Company and Teach For America and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from The George Washington University. Given a choice, her last meal would be a fresh lobster roll from Kennebunk, ME.