Upserve Go! Takes Downtown Providence

If you happen to find yourself walking around Downtown Providence on Friday, September 16th, you would have seen a storm of rainbow colored shirts urgently making their way out of our building and across the city.

Upserve Team Bonding in Downtown Providence

Revealing Upserve Go!

Friday morning, everyone at Upserve walked in to find a fresh t-shirt sitting on their desk. The office immediately started buzzing as people tried to find who was on their teams and what we would be doing later that afternoon. It didn’t take long for the smack talk to begin on Slack as teams began assembling.

Upserve Team Bonding Slack Smack talk

10 teams were split up randomly, allowing people who don’t typically work together on a daily basis to come together. It was also a great way for many of our new hires to meet people outside of their departments.

“We wanted to do something that we’ve never done before. This was the sort of activity that would get everyone thinking, moving, creating, and having fun as a team” -Jennifer Nault, Operations Manager

Not only did this adventure happen on the east coast, but our San Francisco office had their own challenge taking on the Escape Room.

Competitive? Maybe a little

The teams were competing to complete as many photo and trivia challenges to gain the maximum points for their teams. But in order to unlock the challenges, teams would have to travel to different locations around the city. These challenges ranged from finding celebrity look-alikes to striking their best yoga pose. With year-long bragging points on the line, you know the competitiveness was at its height.

The results?

1st Place: Team Gold



2nd Place: Team Pink


3rd Place: Team Silver


Team Red


Team Orange


Team Green


Team Blue


Team Gray


Team Teal


Team Purple


Congratulations to the Gold Team on their victory


For more photos that showcase our team and culture, check out our @insideupserve on Instagram.


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