Product Description

Avero software has powerful restaurant solutions that improve profitability and guest experience. Our software is tailored to the way you work. Whether you are on the floor, in the kitchen or on the go, our restaurant analytics partners with your point of sale system to provide you valuable insights so you can make better decisions for your restaurant.

Why Avero?

The Avero platform enables front line managers to make quick and proactive decisions which ultimately drive deeper sales insights, reduce prime costs and enforce tighter operational controls.

Who uses this?

Avero works with FSR groups and Hospitality groups who want to understand and evaluate the different segments of their restaurants.

Key Features

  • Sell More of the Right Items
  • Reduce Prime Costs
  • Improve Your Service Team
  • Manage Your Losses Better
  • Stop Fraud and Theft
  • Group Reporting

Product Details

  • Faster and more Effective Management of Your Sales
  • Optimize your Workforce and Reduce your Largest Expense
  • Improve Server Sales and Enhance guest experience
  • Run Successful Promotions and Reduce Voids to drive Profits
  • Stop Fraud and Deter Theft to Protect your Profits

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