Product Description

BarVision is an alcohol pour monitoring solution where overpours, giveaways and thefts are captured, and traced to an individual bartender. BarVision’s data is available to our customers via a convenient dashboard, but even better, actionable events are highlighted by the bartender, so management is able to intervene, leading to behavior changes, increasing profits and revenues. BarVision customers can realize 8x to 20x returns.

Why BarVision?

BarVision Return on Investment (ROI) ranges from 8x to 20x. The returns consist of Liquor Cost Savings, Fewer Free and Stolen Drinks; and Additional Revenue from the sale of beer-wine-spirits.

Who uses this?

Any venue that serves liquor or draft beer, including bars, restaurants, arenas, clubs, events etc.

How does it integrate?

Our integration with Upserve POS provides key analytics for improving operations, control and profits from reduced over pours, free & stolen drinks, shelf substitutions, and delayed POS postings. With BarVision profits often improve by more than $2,000 per month, much of it attributable to our integration with Upserve POS.

Key Features

  • Free pour system favored by almost all patron friendly businesses.
  • System records every pour event to match corresponding POS transaction
  • Wireless data capture that is simple to implement
  • Smart alerts for spout removal and after hour pouring
  • Customer Success Team that provides actionable insights into bar performance and practices by individual bartender.

Product Details

  • Six month term so customers can validate the high return while making a small commitment.
  • No impact on operations.
  • Small one-time set up fee.
  • Low monthly costs.
  • No maintenance or replacement costs to the customer

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