Product Description

Bevager and Foodager are full purchase management systems that span the entire purchase-to-pay process: distributor ordering, real-time inventory management, recipe costing, invoice/AP processing, and POS software-driven depletion and purchase analytics. This eliminates all manual and redundant admin across the restaurant and puts operators, managers and accountants all one platform.

The platform is mobile-first and allows chefs and bar managers to run their entire food and beverage programs from any device.

Why Bevager?

Eliminating 30-50 hours of manual admin and reduction of 5-10% pour costs and 3-5% food costs through purchase analytics and optimal ordering

Who uses this?

Any on-premise food and beverage outlet purchasing from multiple vendors and managing an inventory. Ideal customers are full or quick service restaurants and bars, cafes, hotels, clubs.

How does it integrate?

Upserve integration provides ticket-level cost details, item theoretical costs and automated perpetual inventory based on sales recipe depletions.

Key Features

  • Ordering to any vendor
  • Perpetual real-time inventory
  • Live inventory counting on any device
  • Invoice and Credit Memo tracking
  • Automated recipe costing based on purchase price
  • Full purchase and item costing analytics and reporting
  • Multi-unit procurement management with Director

Product Details

  • Direct ticket-level and item cost analytics
  • Integrated with Accounting systems
  • Multi-unit Director Enterprise edition
  • Add-on COGS consulting/inventory counting services
  • Fully mobile based, Intuitive design
  • 24x7x365 support

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