by BevSpot

Product Description

BevSpot is an intuitive web-based bar and restaurant inventory management software that increases accuracy of your food or beverage counts, reduces the time it takes to complete inventory and ordering and when combined with bar POS data, provides real-time performance insights that lead to better decisions and increased profits.

BevSpot is super easy to use, works with your existing computers and aligns with your current work.

Why BevSpot?

BevSpot identifies and reduces excess inventory, analyzes usage to determine exactly what to order and with POS data, tells the full story on pour costs, sitting inventory, your top selling items, and product variance.

Who uses this?

Bar Managers, Food & Beverage Directors, General Managers, Executive Chefs, Owners and C-Level Hospitality Executives who take their restaurant or bar business seriously and need an innovative way to improve program efficiency and boost profits.

How does it integrate?

BevSpot’s integration with Upserve POS can calculate your bar’s costs, sales, profit, and pour costs across each of your beverage categories by combining top-line sales numbers from your Upserve POS with the inventory and ordering data already stored in BevSpot.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based inventory
  • Streamlined ordering with Smart Pars
  • Drink pricing tool
  • Upserve POS data integration
  • Sitting inventory reduction
  • Real-time performance insights including sitting pour costs, variance, top and bottom sellers an product usage

Product Details

  • You can easily import Upserve’s POS data to analyze performance
  • Easy-to-read visuals that you can take with you
  • Interactive graphs to visualize your top and bottom performers
  • Variance tracking and product loss by item
  • Detailed costs and pricing on everything

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