Bite Kiosk

by Bite Inc.

Product Description

Bite Kiosk provides your guests with another convenient way for placing orders while integrating into directly into Upserve POS, allowing Fast Casual and QSR restaurants to drive up average check size and drive down labor costs. Facial recognition technology (optional) helps recall regulars and makes re-ordering even easier. The guest and ordering data drives Bite’s machine learning algorithm, offering guest’s customized recommendations, without disrupting operations with orders from the kiosk flowing right into Upserve POS!

Why Bite Kiosk?

Bite, the leader in self-service kiosks, partners with top Fast Casual and QSR brands to create the most hospitable in-store experience. Bite leverages facial recognition technology to recognize repeat guests and drive average order size. With Bite’s kiosks, restaurants will typically see a 15-20% jump in average order size from kiosks orders.

Who uses this?

The Upserve POS and Bite integration is ideal for Fast Casual and QSR restaurants who are interested in driving repeat guests and increasing average order size

How does it integrate?

The Upserve and Bite integration will provide customers with a seamless kiosk experience. By syncing with the menu names, prices, and modifier structure so guests can only order items that are available. When an order is placed, guests will pay at the kiosk, and then the paid check is sent and auto accepted at the Upserve POS, so the order can hit the right kitchen printers or KDS. Upserve reporting can track Bite payment types separately from other types for the operations and finance teams.

Key Features

  • Fully customized UI/UX
  • Optional facial recognition tech built-in
  • Machine learning recommendation engine
  • Works with any size screen or hardware
  • All orders sent to the POS and KDS systems
  • Loyalty integration for a seamless guest experience

Product Details

  • No upfront costs
  • Discounts starting at 10 units or more
  • Personalized customer experience
  • PCI compliant
  • Downloadable customer data

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