DAVO Automated Sales Tax

by DAVO Technologies

Product Description

DAVO uses sales data from Upserve to set aside the exact amount of sales tax collected daily. Yes, daily!  When sales tax is due, DAVO files and pays it for you, on-time and in-full, guaranteed. 

DAVO is the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage sales tax. At just $39.99/month, DAVO is less expensive than a bookkeeper, accountant or doing it yourself. Putting sales tax on autopilot gives you more time to concentrate on what’s important to you and your customers. 

Why DAVO Automated Sales Tax?

Sales tax management is tedious and time-consuming. DAVO puts sales tax on autopilot saving merchants time and money. Merchants will never have another costly fine or penalty for a late or missed payment. 

Who uses this?

DAVO is best suited for all brick and mortar businesses including: restaurants, bars, QSR, nightclubs, and general retail. 

How does it integrate?

When restaurant owners consider a new POS system they want more than a way to take orders and collect revenue. They want features that make more efficient use of time and increase revenue such as loyalty programs, gift cards, employee scheduling, and payroll. Sales tax is a tedious task taking several hours of merchants time every month. DAVO automates the entire process from start to finish, saving time and money. while creating a stickier merchant relationship and greater retention. 

Key Features

  • DAVO makes sales tax disappear forever
  • Daily cash management of sales tax is unique to DAVO
  • DAVO’s guarantee ensures merchants will never pay a penalty for late tax payments again
  • DAVO stores tax documents for merchants at no extra charge

Product Details

  • Sets sales tax aside daily
  • Files & pays sales tax on-time. Guaranteed
  • Zero hours spent managing sales tax
  • One flat monthly fee with no hidden costs
  • Less expensive than other options. 
  • Easy on-boarding with live bi-lingual support
  • On-time filing refunds where applicable

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