Product Description

Homebase makes hourly work more productive. Thousands of businesses rely on Homebase’s scheduling, time tracking, and team communication platform to help them simplify their day-to-day job, giving them hours back in their week.  As former hourly employees and managers ourselves, we are dedicated to supporting businesses with relevant advice to help them make the most of Homebase and their business.

Why Homebase?

Homebase solves three major headaches for restaurants: time tracking, employee scheduling, and team communication. We save you hours each week, and money each month. And best yet, it comes for FREE with Upserve POS.

Who uses this?

Homebase can help any restaurant–regardless of the format. We service restaurants from 4 employees to 4000, from QSRs to FSRs, delis to juice shops, food trucks to formal dining.

How does it integrate?

Integrating Homebase with Upserve allows you to save even more time and money.  How?  First, we pull in employee data from Upserve, so building your first schedule is a breeze. Second, we pull in sales data, so you can compare labor versus sales in real-time.   With our free set of mobile apps, you can stay on top of what’s going on at the business even while you are on the go.

Key Features

  • Build, edit, and share schedules with the team
  • Track shifts, breaks, and easily export to payroll
  • Message individuals or whole team on the go
  • Compare labor versus sales real-time
  • Approve time off requests on the go
  • Manage shift trades and covers
  • Share notes shift-to-shift through Manager Logbook
  • Prevent early clock-ins to save money

Product Details

  • Scheduling, time tracking, communication for free
  • Customer support from former restaurant workers
  • Transparent and straightforward pricing
  • Free mobile apps for employees & managers
  • Manager tools to optimize labor costs
  • Stay on top of labor management from anywhere

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