by localstake

Product Description

Localstake helps Upserve clients manage the capital raising process.  Through the Localstake broker-dealer platform, plan the capital raise that fits your business and target investor profile.  Pursue investment capital either as an alternative or supplement to traditional forms of capital like bank debt.  Localstake makes it easy to connect with individual investors, present an investment opportunity, close funding and manage the capital moving forward.  Whether your capital need includes inventory purchase, location expansion or equipment, the Localstake platform and team of advisors can assist you in planning and executing the raise that fits your circumstances.

Why localstake?

Explore your capital options and execute a professional, compliant investment process.  Get broker-dealer advisory for a fraction of the typical cost and save time to focus on running the day-to-day business operations.

Who uses this?

Small businesses who are pursuing capital raises structured either as debt or equity for a wide range of capital needs.

Key Features

  • Sign up to review initial capital raise options and example terms and all-in cost of capital.
  • Evaluate fit with revenue share debt – more flexible than traditional term debt.
  • Connect with an advisor to help walk you through the process.

Product Details

  • Professional advisory delivered for a fraction of the typical price.
  • Broker-dealer platform, access to multiple exemption paths and investor types (not just crowdfunding).
  • Manage investment capital post-transaction, simple repayment tools, balance sheet tracking and tax document creation.

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