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Product Description


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MarketMan is an advanced inventory and supply chain management software. MarketMan tracks the cost of goods sold and helps staying on top of inventory. MarketMan invoice scanning app automates the Accounts Payable process and completes a full inventory cycle.

Why MarketMan?

MarketMan helps restaurateurs save time with ordering, fulfillment, and accounts payable while maximizing efficiencies with inventory leading to less waste and increased profitability.

Restaurant Inventory

  • Optimize your ordering process: cut over-ordering, never have an eighty-six!
  • Recipe Costing: plan and budget menu items, ingredients and sub-recipes
  • Shelf to sheet inventory counts with a mobile app
  • Low inventory alerts, price update alerts
  • Cost of Goods Sold, Actual vs. Theoretical Reports

Automate Accounts Payable

  • Scan your bills using a mobile app
  • Automate incoming inventory
  • Automate vendor credit and invoice reconciliation process
  • Sync with Quickbooks and other accounting software to save bookkeeping hours

Who uses this?

Targeting food and beverage establishments of all kinds – QSRs, FSRs and more.
Ideal customer: small to medium sized restaurant groups/chains ranging from 3 – 20 units.

How does it integrate?

By integrating our restaurant POS system with MarketMan you are able to reduce inventory levels for each dish you sell gram by gram, giving real time inventory levels and streamlining the stock replenishment process to just one click. This allows for restaurants to monitor their Actual vs Theoretical inventory and also to alert for waste and theft in real time, cut food costs and improve their profits.

Key Features

  • Automatic Inventory Management  
  • Online Ordering
  • Recipe Costing
  • Food Cost Calculator
  • Chain Management;

Product Details

  • Automatic Inventory Replenishment
  • Real Time Food Costing; Connects with all your Suppliers; Plug and Play

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