Product Description

PeachWorks is the provider of the Peach platform, a cloud-based restaurant operations platform designed to simplify and streamline the business functions of running a successful restaurant. The Peach platform is a flexible, app-based system that incorporates staff scheduling, inventory management, manager logs, visibility into point of sale data, employee communications and more.

Why PeachWorks?

PeachWorks offers a collection of apps to tackle all of the toughest back-of-house chores, including inventory, scheduling, managing recipes and nutrition, tracking tasks and team communication.

Who uses this?

PeachWorks works best in multi-location restaurants, coffee shops and juice bars. We provide functionality to transfer inventory among units and schedule employees across multiple locations.

How does it integrate?

Our POS Hub application connects with your Upserve POS system to provide real-time insight into your food costs and ideal usage and amazing labor management solution with numerous benefits.  Integration between Upserve and PeachWorks is easy and can be completed in a couple minutes.

Key Features

  • Easily add and track inventory items
  • Recipe management with built-in costing and USDA nutrition reporting
  • Cloud based employee scheduling for easy communication
  • Quickly and easily configure sales and labor forecasting formulas to provide an up to date and accurate picture of sales for the next month

Product Details

  • A unified system of integrated apps
  • Designed for web and mobile
  • Flexible platform
  • Easy to learn
  • Intuitive report creator

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