Plate IQ

by Plate IQ

Product Description

Plate IQ is accounts payable automation software for restaurants. It extracts line item data from invoices to power your entire AP process, saving you time, increasing the accuracy of your data, and providing granular insight into your spend.

Why Plate IQ?

Plate IQ streamlines your back office operations by automating time-consuming tasks. That frees you up to focus on what’s important rather than being overwhelmed by the mass of invoices coming across your desk.

Who uses this?

Thousands of restaurants across the US use Plate IQ. We work with restaurant groups and accounting firms that want to streamline their accounts payable process and to unlock insights through their invoice data.

How does it integrate?

Plate IQ’s integration with Upserve makes real time financial reporting a reality. Category-level sales summaries provide insight by creating a one-to-one comparison of expenses and revenue.

Key Features

  • Save time with automated invoice processing
  • Make better decisions with detailed line item data
  • Maintain control with customizable approval rules
  • Stay on top of your bills with online payments
  • Monitor vendor pricing with every invoice uploaded
  • Review historical expenses by category
  • Manage all your locations from a single interface

Product Details

  • Cloud-based for access anywhere
  • Built-in validations to identify duplicates
  • Powered by OCR and machine learning
  • Integrations with accounting and inventory
  • Integrates with Upserve for real time financial reporting

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