by Spendgo

Product Description

The Spendgo Personalized Marketing Platform utilizes customer facing displays in store with integrations for online and mobile.  We average 4,000 members per store with a 92% Reward Redemption Rate.  Engage your customers 1 to 1 by collecting insights at every touchpoint while building customer journeys across any channel – email, sms, social, mobile, online, in-store, payments and through digital advertising.




Why Spendgo?

Convert more customers for less money by utilizing Spendgo while driving more visits and purchases by sending relevant messages via any channel to your customers.

Who uses this?

Spendgo is perfect for restaurants and retailers of all sizes. We are particularly strong suited to pay at the counter models but also have a sit down solution that utilizes receipts + SMS.

How does it integrate?

The integration with Upserve couldn’t be any easier. Once we program your brands app on the kiosk, we drop ship you the devices and within 5 minutes we can walk any team member through the set up process.  It’s truly plug n play.



Key Features

  • In-store Guest Terminal
  • Mobile & E Commerce
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Identity Management
  • Advanced Marketing Engine

Product Details

  • Customer Facing Touchscreen for maximizing customer engagement
  • 12x Faster Sign ups into email/SMS database
  • Millions of Members Preloaded
  • Omnichannel
  • Seamless integration

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