Product Description

SynergySuite an international provider of award-winning, restaurant software to leading global restaurant chains across the US, UK, and Ireland. The easy-to-use mobile software covers all critical business areas including purchasing, recipe costing, food safety, cash management, human resources, & business intelligence. SynergySuite has delivered between 4% – 8% in food and labor cost savings to major restaurant chains like KFC, Macaroni Grill, & The Counter.

Why SynergySuite?

SynergySuite helps restaurants boost efficiency and profitability in all critical business areas, resulting in 4-8% food and labor cost savings.

Who uses this?

SynergySuite is trusted by thousands of employees and owners. It is used by top national restaurant chains, owner-operated restaurants, franchisee/franchisor concepts, international pub groups, hotels.

How does it integrate?

SynergySuite’s integration allows customers to combine data from Upserve’s restaurant point of sale system with SynergySuite’s management solutions to create a seamless operating solution with breakthrough intelligence and algorithms.

Key Features

  • Live Inventory reporting
  • Intelligent automatic purchasing
  • Biometric time and Attendance
  • Food Safety (HACCP Compliance)
  • Robust Reporting System
  • Cash Management
  • HR and Staffing

Product Details

  • Real time inventory reporting
  • Intelligent automatic ordering
  • Equipment/Food monitoring and alerts 
  • Optimal scheduling creation
  • Full recipe costing and analysis
  • Biometric time-clocking

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