by Tock

Product Description

Tock is a comprehensive reservation and table management platform, built to help restaurants, bars, and wineries run better businesses and highlight their unique culinary experiences, all while providing superior hospitality.

Why Tock?

Tock is the only reservation and table management platform that helps restaurants save money, reduce no-shows, increase sales, and offer superior hospitality to every guest.

Who uses this?

Restaurants, bars, and wineries who offer unique experiences like tasting menus, chefs’ tables, private dining rooms, pop-ups, events, and holiday dinners.

How does it integrate?

By syncing POS data between Upserve and Tock, partners are able to view a complete picture of both online and in-restaurant purchases per guest and expose it across CRM, reporting, and service in Tock.

Key Features

  • One-click integration between Tock and Upserve
  • Offer prepaid and deposit reservations for special events/experiences alongside standard reservations
  • Reservation and table management
  • Email confirmations, automatic waitlist, and two-way text messaging to manage walk-ins


Product Details

  • The ability to highlight events and unique experiences, alongside standard reservations
  • Shift demand through dynamic pricing
  • Extensive CRM
  • No hardware requirements, contracts, or download requirements. Ever.
  • Available anywhere in the world, on any device
  • The smartest/fastest reservation platform on the market, built by restaurant owners and chefs for restaurant owners and chefs

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