Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed

by Upserve by Lightspeed

Product Description

Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed takes the hassle and guesswork out of your loyalty program. The Loyalty Program leverages your customer’s credit cards as their loyalty card, making it easy to earn points, and even easier for you to gather data about your loyalty members in the Upserve HQ Guestbook by Lightspeed. Market to each loyalty customer at an individual level and learn what turns guests into regulars to keep them coming back while driving more revenue from your regulars.

Who uses this?

For Guests – Guests love restaurants using Upserve Loyalty because once they sign up, they don’t have to remember to bring the designated loyalty card; they just use the card already in their wallet! Everything is tracked via a custom loyalty page for the restaurant and credits are automatically applied so the customer doesn’t have to remember to claim their rewards.

For Owners, Operators and GMs – Create a program that helps drive business, maintain relationships and motivate guest behavior with tailored rewards. Upserve Loyalty lets you understand customers through the integrated CRM solution within Upserve HQ by Lightspeed’s reporting platform to help make better marketing and management decisions. Take the guesswork out of understanding loyal customers by being able to confidently answer questions like: Do discount programs drive business? Do my loyal customers spend more with me? Am I attracting the right type of guest to drive my average ticket higher?

For Servers – Servers love Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed because they don’t have to change any behavior to apply the rewards or worry about discounting checks or losing out on potential tops since Upserve applies the reward behind the scenes.

How does it integrate?

Integrated directly into Upserve Payments by Lightspeed customers on the Pro package, Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed uses customer credit cards to enable reward credits to be applied back to the customer. No messing with discounts, taking money off the check or impacting potential server tips. Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed is as simple as setting up in the Upserve HQ by Lightspeed portal and suggesting guests sign up!

Key Features

  • Guests use their existing credit or debit card as their personal rewards card
  • Customized offers including First Purchase Offer, rewards rules, and more
  • Reward Plateaus reward guests for accumulating and redeeming points
  • Guests enroll with a text, or they can register via email or website widget
  • Loyalty Dashboard for quick view of your program’s success
  • Attach loyalty attributes and contact info to guest profile details and build out your CRM for more targeted and effective marketing
  • Interacts with Guestbook to compare loyalty customers with non members
  • Rewards at multiple location groups are synchronized across each venue

Product Details

  • Simple to set up
  • Customized for your restaurant
  • See your business impact with analytics showing business lift from program members
  • Build your CRM for more targeted and effective marketing
  • Rewards are applied as credits to the customer and do not impact reporting or check amounts
  • Future integrations into other aspects of the Upserve Platform turn Upserve Loyalty into more than a retention program

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