Upserve Online Ordering

by Upserve

Product Description

Upserve Online Ordering, integrated with Upserve POS, gives restaurants the ability to add a significant revenue stream without disrupting operations that they depend on. Upserve Online Ordering delivers order accuracy, efficiency, happy diners and a new revenue stream.

Why Upserve Online Ordering?

Upserve Online Ordering makes online ordering faster, easier and more cost effective. Let diners order directly from your website without the headache of managing multiple menus, transcribing orders or ballooning commissions.

Who uses this?

Guests who want to easily order food online.  Owners and operators who want to drive revenue from online ordering without disrupting operations and incurring hardware, labor, and commission costs.

How does it integrate?

One Menu – Manage one online menu. 86’d items, price, quantity, or description changes, all happen in the POS and update automatically update to your online ordering webpage. Automated Fulfillment and Payments – Spend time delighting customers instead of manually transcribing orders coming in from multiple terminals. Orders flow right into Upserve Restaurant POS.

Key Features

  • Simple to set up
  • Integrated with Upserve platform for all your data in once place
  • Same-day payment

Product Details

  • Let your diners order online directly from you, and avoid commissions per order
  • Save time on menu updates with OneMenu management
  • Run smoother restaurant operations with integrated order management
  • Track sales progress, offline and online, from one place

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