Upserve Workforce by Lightspeed

by Upserve by Lightspeed

Product Description

Upserve Workforce by Lightspeed allows you to create schedules, send shifts to employees and enable clock-in enforcement at the POS — all from a single platform. Ditch the spreadsheets and start building and managing schedules using the same platform you use to manage your employee information and view your analytics.

  • You can create schedules within a simple calendar view to create and assign shifts from scratch or work from an existing template.
  • Schedules can be shared with employees by text and/or email.
  • Enable time-clock enforcement with an optional grace period to require manager approval if employee clocks-in too early.

Why Upserve Workforce by Lightspeed?

Upserve Workforce by Lightspeed is easy to use and eliminates the need to manage an additional vendor since Workforce is already built into the Upserve Platform by Lightspeed at no additional cost.

Who uses this?

Upserve Workforce by Lightspeed is suited for full-service, quick-service, and multi-location restaurants that need to create and share schedules with their employees.

How does it integrate?

Workforce integrates by syncing existing employee information and allowing you to create schedules right on the Upserve platform. This allows restaurants to create and send schedules on the same system where all your data lives. By also integrating with your POS, you will be able to enable clock-in enforcement.

Key Features

  • Integrated with your Upserve Platform
  • Pulls in existing employee data
  • Create and utilize templates

Product Details

  • Draft and create shifts
  • Notify employees via email and/or text
  • Clock-in enforcement

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