Menu Engineer: Uncover The Secrets To Optimize Sales Using Upserve Menu Intelligence
By Jake Godgart | July 26, 2016

In most cases, restaurant owners spend too many hours each week trying to understand how their menu and servers are performing relative to sales and cost of goods sold. Too much time is wasted looking at information across the payments network, the point-of-sale, inventory reports, … Continued

Staff Whisperer: Tools for Scheduling, Training and Retaining Your Restaurant's Talent
By Amber Picotte | July 20, 2016

Planning the staff schedule generally isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. It can feel tedious managing last minute cancellations and shift covers, but when done right, and with the right tools, it really is the key to retaining your best staff and creating happy, loyal … Continued

Smart Marketer: How To Evaluate Your Marketing Promotions with Upserve Campaigns and Reviews
By Jake Godgart | June 29, 2016

As a restaurant owner or manager, you spend time and operational expenses developing, promoting, and marketing your restaurant to bring people in your doors with the hopes that you not only entertain and delight your guests, but also add to your bottom line. It’s obvious … Continued