Upserve acquires SimpleOrder to connect the whole house and boost restaurant profits
By Jake Godgart | July 24, 2018

With food costs accounting for 28 to 35 percent of gross sales, tightly managing back-of-house management can make or break restaurant profitability. But unlike some restaurateurs who consider this the cost of doing business, we at Upserve see this as an area ripe for innovation. … Continued

Upserve Joins with Grubhub in Game-Changing Integration of Restaurant Management Solutions
By Dave Hoffman | May 17, 2017

To help restaurants make more money, Upserve POS and Grubhub (also known as Seamless) have integrated their products. This means one place to manage your menu, one place where orders flow into the POS, and one printer to fire orders to the kitchen — with zero … Continued