Meet Ellie

Today we’re pleased to introduce Ellie, the Upserve Bot: A smart new tool that makes using Upserve as easy as sending a text.

Gathering big data for small businesses can be a pain. Restauranteurs don’t want to dig through spreadsheets. They’re on the go, using SMS or Messenger much more than Excel or Powerpoint.

That’s why we launched Upserve mobile in the App Store earlier this year. It puts your restaurant in your pocket and lets you run the show from anywhere as you stay on top of sales, staff, guests and more.

Then restaurateurs told us they wanted even more. They told us they rely on messaging apps like SMS and Facebook Messenger to get the answers they need from managers. So we decided to make Upserve as easy for owners as sending a quick text message to a GM.

The result is Ellie. She’s a digital coworker who can take the load off your GM’s shoulders by answering your questions for them.

What can Ellie do?

She can tell you, within seconds, when a guest on your OpenTable VIP list sits down. These texts happen in a common ‘chat room,’ so your whole staff can be on the same page.

VIP Sat Down

Wondering which server sold the most desserts? Just ask:

Most Desserts

Get alerts for large discounts, voids or other unusual activities…

Server Error

…Learn the good news about a positive online review…


…or have a private 1:1 chat with Ellie. For example, ask if any VIPs are coming in on Friday.

VIP on Friday

Are any of your staff approaching overtime?

Close to Overtime

And next time your Budweiser distributor stops by, ask Ellie exactly how much Bud you sold last week.

How much Bud?

At Upserve, we’re building a more natural way for restaurateurs to get the facts they need to make smarter, faster decisions. It starts with powerful technology: The artificial intelligence that runs our conversational interface is powered by Facebook’s bot engine, and it integrates massive amounts of restaurant data Upserve pulls in from table management, point of sale, online reviews and other systems. Best of all, it’s easy to use, because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Upserve customers can join our beta now, ahead of its general availability later this summer. Ellie will be available only through our mobile app at first, but soon you’ll be able to talk with her via Facebook Messenger, Slack, and other open messaging platforms. And in case you’re wondering about the name, we named our ‘bot’ after one of the smartest and most capable restaurateurs we know: Ellen Slattery of Gracie’s — she is awesome.

Ellie really is a smart management assistant for you and your restaurant. Add her to your team: complete the form below to learn more.


CEO & Founder of Upserve

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