Upserve Partner Brand Guidelines

The purpose of this page is to provide you with guidelines and resources for appropriate representation of the Upserve brand and our partnership. The branding guidelines were last updated December 2017.

For additional questions or clarifications as it relates to the proper use of the Upserve brand(s), contact
Upserve Channel Team at [email protected] or (888) 701-5480.

Value in our brand

Upserve is a turn-key, restaurant management solution for restaurants. The name is inspired by the energy and passion that restaurateurs have for their guests, staff, and food. Make the most of every dish, diner, and decision.


Upserve, the restaurant management platform, provides everything managers need to know in one place, providing real-time guidance that empowers restaurants to unlock their full potential.


Upserve provides a restaurant management platform for restaurateurs who want to treat guests to remarkable hospitality. Just like how the FOH and BOH need to work together, our platform ensures point of sale, payments, and other integrations talk to each other.

Restaurateurs can enjoy an easy-to-use system designed specifically for their needs, a single source of support, and proactive reporting they can put into action on the floor, in the kitchen, and even from home.

With Upserve, owners and operators get intelligence at a glance, surfacing hidden opportunities to grow sales and margins, leading to smoother shifts, and putting time back in their day to focus on hospitality.

Logo and Wordmark

Please use the official logo and wordmark for any approved co-branded collateral or reference to your relationship with Upserve. Proper usage guidelines may be found below.

Download the Upserve Logo files here.

Color Scheme

These colors are the prescribed palette for the Upserve brand. The Upserve Logo should only appear using one of the Primary Palette colors.

Download a PDF of the color palette.



Be mindful of these colors when using the Upserve brand on your website, presentations, sales tools, or any other external facing documentation you socialize.

Brand Personality

A guiding element to the Upserve brand are the four key personality traits. Please see these characteristics and descriptive detail when thinking about Upserve.


Action-Oriented    Intelligent    Reliable


Straightforward    Precise    Clear


Down to Earth    Sincere    Human


Engaging    Helpful    Personal

Requirements and Standards

Email Domains

Email Signatures

  • Closing tagline in your email signature cannot solely indicate Upserve as the primary company or logo.
  • Reference to “Upserve Partner” is permitted but not something that implies employment at Upserve, like: “John Smith, Upserve, Referral Agent.”


Business Cards

  • Professional business cards may be co-branded, but Upserve cannot be the leading or prominent logo.
  • It is recommended you use your own business website or a cobranded lead entry form to ensure your leads are attributed to your company.


  • Only authorized partners are given access to Upserve portal screenshots to use for their company website or other cobranded assets.
  • Partner websites are subject to review and may be asked for adjustment if branding guidelines are not met / violated.

Proper Usage Guidelines

Avoid the following incorrect uses of the logo in order to maintain the consistency and clarity of the Upserve brand.

The Upserve logo should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space equal to one half of the symbol height. This space ensures that headlines, text, or other elements do not encroach on the logo.

The Upserve logos should never be scaled smaller than the minimum sizes to maintain optimum legibility.

Minimum screen size: 28 px height
Minimum print size: 0.40 in height

Marketing Enablement

Upserve Channel partners have a strong network of restaurant owner / operators in their portfolio and work vehemently to sign them on the Upserve platform. To assist with their marketing initiatives to existing clients and new prospects, the following email template guide has been created.

Download the email prospecting template guide.

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