Communication over catastrophe

You deserve a restaurant point of sale app that lets you communicate directly from your smartphone. Tune into the app and access real-time insight into problems on the floor, both big and small. Then, do your duty to solve them accordingly, even if you’re nowhere near the office. Make suggestions to servers, bartenders and back of the house staff, then get feedback and answer questions to keep everyone on the same page.

Use yesterday to inform today

Look back to move forward. See how sales and costs today compare with those of the past. Apply sales intelligence to your daily operations in order to grow margins, empower staff, and surpass guests’ expectations. Upserve Live’s software lets you click into past performance on any day and see instant results. You can also gain real-time analytics and reporting, minute by minute or hour by hour. Busy nights and brunches have never been easier.

The best point of sale app for your security needs

In addition to providing your team with essential intel on daily happenings, Upserve is easy to update without disrupting your workflow. Never worry about going offline, or struggling with security breaches. Upserve keeps your data protected with the safest, most secure cloud-based option on the market, no questions asked

Upserve Live is the always-on so you don’t have to be.

When your restaurant is running a million miles a minute, you don’t have time for glitches and lag times. That’s why Upserve POS provides a flexible, adaptable mobile POS solution that leading bars and restaurants rely on. Whether you’re reviewing the latest comp or 86ing items from the living room, we’ve got you covered. Plus, the POS mobile app is available straight from the Apple and Google Play stores. We call that “over easy.”