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Breadcrumb POS - Best POS Sytem for full service restaurants

Best POS Sytem for
full service restaurants

Breadcrumb POS - Gold: Small or Medium Business Service of the Year

Gold: Small or Medium
Business Service of the Year

PRESS Bistro increased sales by 30% with Breadcrumb POS


Breadcrumb POS enabled PRESS Bistro to work more efficiently, resulting in a 30% increase in revenue, and a 10% decrease in time to table.

This allowed owner Jeremy Shearer to spend less time at the restaurant and more time focusing on new projects that further foster economic development in the community. Read the full case study.

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“I’ve been using POS systems forever. I’ve used TouchBistro. I’ve used Square. I’ve used and looked at all the other names out there. Breadcrumb just stood out as the easiest, most complete system for what I needed as a full-service restaurant.
Jeremy ShearerPRESS Bistro

Restaurant POS Total 3-Year Costs Comparison

Save 48% with a Cloud-based POS


Factoring in all costs, restaurants save 48% over three years with Breadcrumb POS compared to a legacy on-premise solution.


*Based on an independent analysis of three-terminal restaurants, completed by Nucleus Research 

All the best features built into one easy-to-use system

Deliver great hospitality while saving time & boosting sales.

Online Ordering made faster, easier, and more cost-effective

Online ordering just got integrated, streamlined and insightful. With integrated Upserve Online Ordering, you now have a single place to manage your online ordering experience.

  • Keep more of what’s yours when you avoid added operational expenses of the hardware for online ordering software, hiring extra staff, and of course, those pesky commission fees. Your Breadcrumb POS won’t have those!
  • ‘86 multiple menu management with your Breadcrumb POS menu. Out of an item? Upserve’s online ordering syncs with your item count meaning it’ll be off your menu automatically.
  • Delight your guests anywhere, anytime and keep them coming back with guest insights tracked right in your restaurant POS from your online ordering software.

Online Ordering

“It’s so efficient and saves us so much time. 5 minutes saved that we don’t have to take an order by phone, plus 5 minutes we don’t have to spend taking payment when the customer comes in to pick up. With 10 orders/day, that’s over an hour saved per employee per day. It really adds up.”Kenn Pluard, Kenji’s Ramen & Grill

Fewer taps, easier check management, exceed guest expectations.

Don’t overpay for an outdated POS that’s not designed for the restaurant. Breadcrumb POS empowers your staff to move at the speed of hospitality. With our cloud-based POS, splitting a bottle of wine for a four-top is no sweat for servers – split items between multiple checks with a couple of taps.

Split Items

Split checks faster because less time at the POS means more time with guests.

Breadcrumb POS makes check splitting faster and easier, so servers can merge, transfer and split checks fast – even when splitting between cash and cards payments.

  • The limit does not exist so you can easily split on as many payment methods as the table wants – cash and card included.
  • Speed matters, especially when there’s a 30-minute wait for a table on a Friday night. Breadcrumb POS handles all the math for you so you don’t lose productivity.

Split Checks

Transitions between shifts are a snap.

Breadcrumb POS makes it fast and easy to serve customers, turn tables, and keep the kitchen happy — even on the first day. Why? It’s a restaurant point of sale system designed around the user, not the other way around.

Leaving for the night? Thanks to the intuitive iPad POS features, a few taps is all it takes to transfer your check to another server. Smoother communication between restaurant staff? Cheers to that!

Transfer Check to Another Server

“Our staff really likes Breadcrumb—they find it to be much more user-friendly than other systems they have used in the past.” – Lindsey Shea, Presidio

Send, hold or save to boost service.

With Breadcrumb POS, your servers can hold items to be sent to the kitchen later, or save them for the guest that just has to have that dessert!

  • Service at the guests’ pace.  Send items, like entrees, to the kitchen when the guest is ready for them, and avoid having the entree come out in the middle of the appetizers.
  • Never fear the kitchen running out of the special again. Hold items to be saved for later so your guests aren’t disappointed.

Hold & Send

Clear insight into voids and comps because every dollar counts.

Every time a server uses a discount code, voids an item, or comps something for a guest, track and report trends – even from your phone! Track voids and comps by server, reason, and authorizer? Too easy.

Void / Comp

“Upserve have been fantastic. It’s helped us really kind of hone in on how our staff members operate and how our staff members perform.” – Rafael Barbosa, FiRE + iCE Restaurants

Save trees and time by signing on a screen instead of paper

The signature on screen feature allows you to capture tips and customer signatures on the iPad screen instead of having to print out a signature slip on paper. For counter service, bars and other fast-paced environments, this will speed up the time it takes to complete a transaction.

Collect Payment via Signature on Screen

Faster close out = happier guests and happier staff

When it’s last-call at the bar, the last thing anyone wants is a tense staff faced with the burden of closing out a long list of tabs on the bar POS, and a ton of guests walking out without paying. With pre-auth built into your restaurant point of sale system, your staff can drop signature slips instead of having to run cards at the end of the night.

Faster close out, happier guests, increased restaurant payments security and walkout protection? What more could you want from your payments and point of sale?

Pre-Authorize Tab

You adjust when needed, so does your restaurant POS.

With easy to use tools and functionality, Breadcrumb POS makes it easy to do everything you need. Don’t disrupt your flow. Add a tip to the check, with the card in-hand or without, even on EMV transactions.

Adjusting Tip

Cloud-based reporting, because numbers don’t lie.

Say goodbye to guessing games. With Breadcrumb POS, you get an overview of check activity during a shift that really gets down to the nitty-gritty. Net sales, voids, and comps, credit card versus cash transactions, average tip, even tips broken out by payment type. When the shift is over, your restaurant point of sale tells you what you need to know.

An easy to use iPad restaurant POS system with a built-in training mode to set your staff up for success.

Your restaurant POS is the heart of your operations. With Training Mode, it’s even easier to confidently use it. Staff can practice with your actual venue’s menu, master splitting checks or holding items, and checking your guests out without a hiccup.

With Training Mode, your staff runs through their tasks using the same POS setup they’d experience on day one. Including getting familiar with the menu, seating layout, firing orders, and even swiping credit cards.

 Training Mode

“I know that the ease of use with Breadcrumb is critical. You have people who are coming here, they don’t want to spend a lifetime with technology. But technology’s a part of the game. You know it- it helps. They need to be able to learn it in a short period of time so that they can start serving customers and stay focused on the customers.” – Dimitri Vlahakis, Owner of Esperanto Restaurant


Upserve integrates with best-in-class partners who are experts in restaurant inventory, labor, online ordering, accounting and more.

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"Breadcrumb provides a well-thought-out restaurant POS platform. Their on-boarding staff and helplines have been professional, quite responsive, knowledgeable and helpful."
Kevin Christian2017-01-12

Types of Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Improve turn times
The difference between running a restaurant for a profit vs. a loss is often a result of turn times. A POS system can help speed up order times by sending drink orders to the bar and food orders to the kitchen right from the table! In addition, they can process payments quickly, so your staff can accommodate more customers.

2. Limit food loss
Controlling the inventory going into and out of your kitchen allows you to calculate the ROI of each dish, and make your cooks more accountable for food waste.

3. Improve staff training and assess needs
Stay on top of which servers sell the most items and which are bringing your business down. For example, are you overstaffed on Mondays?  If Jennifer sells twice as much wine as her fellow servers, what can she teach the others?

1. A closed app ecosystem: Unlike Windows or PC-based operating systems, iOS apps are designed specifically for Apple products.  For  comparison, PC-based apps are designed to work with many type sof processors, hard drives, software, servers and more. The more limited the app’s scope, the less chance for hacking or corruption of the files.

2. Limited data sharing: iOS apps only work within themselves and don’t typically share data or information with other apps. In general, Apple and iOS do a good job putting protective barriers up around their apps, so no compromising files or data can be accessed by hackers.

3. Continuous scanning of apps: Apple constantly checks their hardware, apps, and ecosystem for suspicious behavior, such as an unusually large amounts of code or processing. This helps ensure data security and safety within the apps. In a worst-case scenario, and your iPad is hacked, deleting the app and rebooting the device should take care of the problem.

1. Ease of use
POS systems should make your life easier.  So if it requires a bunch of manuals to learn how it works, it will be hard to get your staff on board.  We’d recommend trying to find a customizable, but simple-to-use, system.

2. Ability to collect and analyze data
The real value of your POS system will be the data it collects; it should have details that will help you move your business forward and gain a competitive advantage.  At a minimum, ensure it collects customer data, tracks inventory, allows for online ordering, and handles staff management.

In addition, your POS system shouldn’t just collect the information; it should be able to organize it and help you make decisions. One example would be to help you hire the best servers on your busiest nights, or automatically order low-stock items.

3. Ensure it can scale with your restaurant
We assume your restaurant will be successful.  When it is, you want to make sure your Point of Sale can scale to match your ambitions.

1. Invest in employee training
While you should chose a POS that’s as easy to use as possible, some training will be necessary.  And skimping on training might save some time and money in the short term, but if your employees can’t use the system effectively, you’ll lose out in the long term. Fortunately, Breadcrumb is equipped with training mode functionality, which allows both front-of-house and back-of-house employees try out the software without affecting any data.

2. Transfer and update data
Restaurants should analyze their historical data in order to predict trends and increase their future revenue.  They can do so by getting customer feedback, building loyalty, and boosting engagement through email, social media, and your other marketing channels.

3. Adopt orders and workflows
Setting up a new POS system may change how you work with suppliers and distributors. To prevent any confusion or miscommunication, we recommend preparing your partners for the switch. Consider common workflows and talk to your current suppliers and distributors – you may be surprised by their insights.

1. Improve communication with faster service.
Breadcrumb POS comes with built-in shift notes and logbooks to  track the time needed to accept, prepare, complete and deliver orders, so no more asking “how long” five times.

2. Improve communication with more efficiency.
Allow inventory and menu specials to be updated in real time, so your guests know exactly what’s available, and you’re not putting in tickets for a dish that’s been cut.  Management can also easily test new menu items, adjust specials and adapt to rush hours.

3. Improve communication with less room for error.
Nix messy (sometimes inaccurate) handwritten orders. Breadcrumb features a built-in kitchen display system that sends orders right from the table to the kitchen, with no errors or miscommunication.

1. More time on the floor
With features like tableside order entry, a POS allows your staff to spend more time on the floor, and less time talking with the kitchen or fidgeting with an outdated register. Breadcrumb also allows for tableside payment, which puts control back in the hands of customers for a no-pressure experience.

2. Better turnaround (and turn times)
Many diners today prefer to keep their meals moving along.  Tabletop ordering enables a seamless evening, with no unnecessary gaps for “drinks first, apps next, then entrees.”

3. Check splitting
It can often be uncomfortable for both staff & customers to determine a check with a bunch of cash and multiple cards. It ruins the flow of the evening, and can cause unnecessary stress.

"Best all around POS system we've used"
Chad Carey2017-11-07
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