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“I need a POS to work, be responsive, and be easy to maintain. So, it needs to function without constantly having issues that I can update things, I can add things, I can add new menus, and not need to call up tech support just to do very simplistic tasks like that.”
Ross Simon, Owner of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail ParlourPhoenix, AZ
“We actually integrated Breadcrumb into our environment before we even opened our doors. We knew exactly what we wanted out of our point of sale system and Breadcrumb was one of the very few, practically the only one that could deliver everything we wanted.”
Matt Greer, owner of Caboose Brewing CompanyVienna, VA
“Something that’s very important to me, is that you have to have remote access to it. I need to be able to look at reports, get reports e-mailed to me, on a regular basis. That’s something that I do get with Breadcrumb POS and it’s something that makes my life easier.”
Dimitri Vlahakis, owner of EsperantoNew York, NY
“With Breadcrumb I don’t even have to step out from behind the bar; I can access the back office right from the iPad that I’m standing at. Buttons can be added and removed quickly and easily and as soon as I hit save, it’s automatically on all the iPads. It really saves so much time, you know, when time is so important to us.”
Ron Koller, owner of The Malted Barley Providence, RI
“It’s very intuitive and user-friendly, which is essential for a good POS. It’s also there working for us fast and furious when we need it to, firing orders all over the kitchen.”
Peter Kammerer, general manager of The Sandwich HutProvidence, RI
“One way it’s really helped to impact our bottom line is our lounge business. Our lounge business is a first come, first serve basis. We’re reliant upon a bartender or cocktailer getting to know the customer, recognizing the customer after a certain number of visits and developing that relationship.”
Riley Hutton, Managing Partner of Truluck's in AustinAustin, TX
“As an owner I wear so many hats. I’m chef, janitor, customer service, everything, delivery guy, so to be able to just have it all in one spot for myself.”
Eric Handwerger, owner of Ocean State Sandwich Shop Providence, RI
“We know that there’s an opportunity there that we lost customers, they’re not coming back and we’re going to have to work hard on bringing them back again.”
Richard Simtob, President and co-owner of Zoup!Multilocation
“I’ve been using POS systems forever. I’ve used TouchBistro. I’ve used Square. I’ve used and looked at all the other names out there. Breadcrumb just stood out every time I looked at it. It stood out as the easiest, most complete system for what I needed as a full-service restaurant.”
Jeremy Shearer, owner of PRESS BistroJohnstown, PA
“Breadcrumb POS system has been very reliable from our part. We’ve had it since we opened the restaurant three years ago. One of the most attractive features was that for first time small restaurant owners, the amount of volume and the user friendliness that we have to face, it offered all that and we saw the value in that.”
Karan, owner of Masala BoxQueens, NY
“What a difference Breadcrumb has made. They’re always there for us, 24/7.”
Evan Matz, owner of CrafthouseNorthern Virginia
“The analytics that we get from Upserve help to verify the information that you get anecdotally. And having that information is imperative to be able to make good decisions on making product changes. We change somewhere between 15 and 20 tap lines per week. And knowing which ones to take out and which ones to keep is really critical in making sure that we’ve got a product assortment that is really appealing to our customer base.”