"Upserve provides a well-thought-out restaurant POS platform. Their onboarding staff and helplines have been professional, quite responsive, knowledgeable and helpful."
Kevin Christian


Finally, a bakery POS integration that knows what’s in your pantry. Our integrations extend POS capabilities to provide you with a full costing and analysis reports of every baked good you offer. Automatically place a new flour order when it gets low, and 86 the morsels when your cookies aren’t feeling the love.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Complimentary small coffee? You betcha, Carol. Upserve Loyalty integrations for our POS system transform a customer’s credit card into a personal rewards card. They’ll earn points on every order, and you’ll gain knowledge about their preferences. It’s a win-win deal that keeps everyone satisfied.

Your Workforce, Optimized

Seize control of rudimentary processes and get back to baking. Our integrations help you digitally manage essential workforce tasks, including training and scheduling. Budget your labor and make the most of employee skills, every time they clock in. Train staff digitally or in-person and see how they’re progressing.

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