PRESS Bistro Increased Sales by 30% with a Cafe POS


PRESS Bistro used Upserve’s Cafe POS to increase revenue by 30%.

Owner Jeremy Shearer was able to spend less time at the cafe and more time focusing on new projects that foster economic development in the community. Read more.

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“It's EXTREMELY easy to use. We tell our new employees, 'if you can work a smartphone, you can work Upserve POS!' The addition of Upserve was awesome. I will highly recommend Upserve POS to my friends in the industry.”
Mike Richie

Drive return customers with a loyalty program

Forget the crumpled loyalty cards and stamps. Upserve POS comes with Upserve Loyalty – a program that can be customized to your needs and offerings. We’ll design, print and ship free signage to help you market the program. The best part? It’s based on customers’ credit or debit cards, so you can 86 those old punch cards.

Cut through the noise to manage your online reputation

Reviews and ratings should be your biggest ally. And when someone says something not so nice, it’s your job to make it right. You need a cafe POS that can tune into the conversation anywhere on the web. Manage your reputation by checking reviews, browsing customer profiles, and responding as needed. Five stars or sub-par, Upserve POS gives you a real-word look at the customer experience – all from a single location.

Inventory Count and menu control

Crossed out menu items and out of stock signs aren’t cutting it in the digital age. Instead, turn to an inventory and menu management integration that works with your cafe POS system. These tools help you make menu changes at the click of a button. Instantly update both digital and printed menus anywhere they appear, including your website and social.

Stronger digital presence

Sometimes, people want to know what you offer before they stop in. To make sure your web presence is both accessible and accurate, our operational and marketing integrations can help. Whether its posting your daily special on Facebook or updating your digital menu in real-time. you’ll never miss a beat.

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