Customize your POS to speed up service

Serving up coffees and croissants is simple. Your coffee shop POS should be, too. Instead of paying for unnecessary add-ons and complex functions, our flexible POS features are designed to help you speed-up and de-stress.

Customize the app’s main page, putting popular drinks right at your fingertips.

Easy to learn, even easier to master

No matter the size of your coffee shop, iPad POS software should be easy to learn. Upserve POS for coffee shops is easy to understand and implement across every shop and store. It also features a training mode, so onboarding your staff is a piece of cake. With an intuitive interface that just makes sense, your baristas can get back to the grind.

“It's EXTREMELY easy to use. We tell our new employees, 'if you can work a smartphone, you can work Upserve!' The addition of Upserve was awesome. I will highly recommend Upserve to my friends in the industry.”
Mike Richie

Instant Menu Updates

Our coffee shop POS gives you insight into the trends and preferences driving your sales. With our menu intelligence integrations, you can put that knowledge into action – instantly. Whether its a fresh-brewed roast or something that’s out of stock for good, you can make live changes to your menu. They’ll update in an instant across your website, social media, and everywhere else it matters.

Learn what they love – and why

Your lavender latte sells out by 10am every morning. But do you know why? Our POS system integrates with leading restaurant management tools that explain the driving force behind every customer action. From tracking your regulars to looking at month-over-month trends, you’ll find out the driving force behind every last cup. When you know what makes your customers smile, you can make better decisions that keep the ball rolling.

Stay safe and sound

Don’t let safety regulations bog you down. Make sure you’re following the rules with Upserve restaurant POS integrations for food safety and compliance. These integrations make it easier than ever to meet HACCP Compliance. From the butter in your cooler to the mixer on your shelf, we’ll keep tabs on both food and equipment.

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