"An intuitive and user-friendly" POS

Inventory Intel

Whether it’s turkey or ham, you need to know what’s in stock. Our deli POS integrates with restaurant profitability tools that tell you what to buy, when. Learn when inventory is low – even replenish it automatically as needed. See how much your food costs and how you can maximize profits through cheaper alternatives.

Workforce workflow

Already have a system for tracking employees? No sweat. Our restaurant point of sale software integrates with leading workforce management and payroll tools. Combined, these two tools provide you with an all-in-one payroll, cash management, inventory and restaurant accounting service. From efficient staff scheduling to stronger, fairer tip-outs, you can work with what you’ve got and then some.

Customer intelligence

It’s one thing to know what your customers prefer. But after you’ve taken the orders and closed up shop for the night, do you understand why they do what they do? Our business intelligence integrations give advanced insights into your deepest questions. Ensure food consistency, measure steps of service and see where your customer experience both excels and slacks. Keep giving customers what they want, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

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