Gain their trust and their loyalty

When customers leave your hotel happy, they won’t hesitate to return. That’s why our hospitality POS software comes with built-in tools for establishing and maintaining customer loyalty. Keep tabs on their visits by accessing Guest Book – a customer intelligence feature that tells you what they ordered, when. Check up on their reservations and have their favorite bottle ready, no questions asked.

Find out who’s spreading the word…

…and never let a review go unanswered again. Social media engagement is critical in the modern era. But, it also takes a great deal of time – until now. Our reputation management features make it easy to see what guests are saying. Access reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook and OpenTable all in a single spot. With first-hand customer reviews at your fingertips, you’ll have more time to make things right.

“Love the system. Easy to use and very reliable.”
Michael Allen

From payroll to tip outs

From the doorman and valet to hostesses and servers, your staff ranges far and wide. Whether you’re using leading accounting tools or you’re looking for a better payroll system, we’ve got you covered. We integrate with the best of the best in employee management software, including PlateIQ, KitchenSync, RSI Solutions, and more. Whether you’re cutting checks or tipping out, these integrations save you time and stress.

Intelligent Inventory

When a VIP customer orders the foie gras, it’d better be in stock. Our integrations for inventory intelligence ensure that your menu and inventory stay aligned. Instead of tracking your goods manually, integrate your hospitality POS with a tool that will count items and automatically reorder when they’re low. Save hours on inventory processes with a tool that helps you strategize, budget and substitute menu items based on market prices and demand.

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