Upserve POS Installation

Thanks for selecting Upserve POS. This hub will guide you to all the resources you’ll need to get up and running!

  • What are my responsibilities in the implementation process?
  • We really need 5 things from you for a successful implementation.
    1. Identify the primary point of contact for your project, this person should be able to make decisions on your behalf.
    2. Build your timeline with your dedicated Project Manager – activate your subscription no less than 30 days prior to GO LIVE
    3. Send us all of your menus, modifiers, pricing, employees, and floor plan layout.
    4. Identify a designated internal “trainer”. We follow a train-the-trainer model and this person will be set up for success in our process to train your entire staff.
    5. Prepare your location for installation, see our site requirements page for more details
  • I’m not open for business yet, how soon before I open should we start the implementation process?
  • We recommend starting your implementation at least 4 weeks prior to opening for business. Typically, our team will require 2 weeks to work with your team on menu settings and configuration, and you’ll want about 2 weeks to test the system and train your staff. We can certainly expedite the process if you need to move faster, however 4 weeks sets both you and us up for success. Please remember, our team will require that you have an active Upserve POS subscription prior to kicking off your project. Your dedicated Project Manager will help you with any questions you may have along the way.
  • How long does a typical installation take?
  • Every restaurant is unique and installation times can vary based on a variety of factors. The most common factor that can cause delays in installation is network wiring, specifically customers who do not have network cabling run to each device (printers, wireless access points, KDS), existing wiring that is either damaged or not labeled which results in delays in trying to identify the right cables to get devices connected. A good rule of thumb is to remember everywhere you want to have a printer, wireless access point, or KDS must have an ethernet home run back to the router and an available power outlet. You can review our site requirements page for more details. Remember, our on-site installation rates INCLUDE any pre-requisite cabling you may need.
  • How do I train my staff to work with Upserve POS?
  • Training your restaurant staff is one of the most important parts of a successful launch. At Upserve we follow a train-the-trainer model, which means someone at your restaurant should be the designated “in-house” trainer. This can be an owner or manager, or even a senior member of the FOH staff. During the implementation process we’ll schedule a specific “training” call to walk your “trainer” through best practices and recommendations for how to best train the staff. Additionally, our team holds weekly live training webinars which your staff can sign up for and join from anywhere they like. Registration for webinars is open and available to you as soon as you have an active Upserve POS subscription.