Discounts & Your Restaurant Void Report

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’re constantly defending the few percentage points of margin (an average 2-6%!) that make up your restaurant’s profit. By having access to actionable data regarding discounts and voids, you’ll be able to suss out menu items or staff members that may be costing you. Upserve tracks why, who and when comps and voids happen, so you can stay in the black.

An Integrated Solution

Thanks to its connection with all of Upserve’s integrated restaurant management solutions, our Discounts/Voids tool empowers management to get through tough situations and conversations, coming out on top.

Using data collection and analysis, we can help you understand the why behind voids and discounts, breaking down each one by menu item, server, and reason. No manual calculations required!

Stay in the know even when you’re not around to physically observe employees.


There weren’t really that many birthdays at the bar last night

Upserve shows which bartender gave away too many free drinks to his pals by entering bogus comps, so you can take command of your bottom line by reducing waste, fraud and abuse.


Is it just me… or are we giving too much away for free?

Abuse of discounts and voids is a real problem in the hospitality industry.


Using Upserve’s restaurant void reportsheet and related tools for measuring discount activity, you’ll be able to definitively answer this question, yourself. Upserve HQ serves up what % of sales discounts makeup, which servers gave the discounts, how many they gave, and why they did it.


No need for a data analytics degree: our Restaurant Management Software does the number crunching for you. If we notice abnormal activity, we’ll tag it so you can take control of situation.


Plus, with the Upserve Live mobile management app, you can keep tabs in real-time. You can view voids and comps by server, so you can spot red flags, and take action right now, before it eats away at your bottom line. You and your managers can also receive a summary of your voids and discounts each morning, in the Daily Digest email.


So, if Bartender Ben is being a little too generous with his friends, you’ll have data to bring into a conversation with him. Upserve shows you which servers gave discounts, how many they gave, and why they did it.


Are discounts reflective of a bigger business issue?

…Or, if it’s really an issue with customersnot liking a particular menu item, you’ll be able to identify that quickly—before it becomes a recurring issue.

Certainly, your restaurant void report can be a source of many potential improvements—including food cost. Whether they relate to employee theft or customer unhappiness, making sense of the data provides the perfect opportunity (and backup) to take action.

“We can generate reports from our POS, but Upserve puts it into a simpler format and makes it a little bit easier for everyone to look at and access and make decisions on. I’m able to identify which servers are selling the most and which aren’t, and then focus on training those who need a little extra help”
Jeffrey BarkerOwner & Proprietor of Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House

What happened yesterday at the restaurant?

….Or last week, a month ago, and even a year ago?


You need easier management of voids and discounts. With Upserve, you can receive daily reports so that nothing gets past you. Instead of sifting through endless emails from your team, or enduring time-consuming staff meetings, you’ll be able to spot any red-flags, at a glance. We’re talking minutes instead of hours of overview.


Upserve makes it so that there’s no manual work to calculate discounts, voids, and comps—you’ll see it automatically calculated as percentage of sales. Think of how much staff time this type of reporting can free up—empowering your employees to make the business more money!