Insights served rare

Guest Book creates a profile for nearly every guest, automatically, using all the systems in your restaurant, including point of sale, table management, payments, logbook and more.

Shaken, not stirred

Guest Book remembers everything the guest orders, and automatically highlights popular items, so you’ll know if she prefers the Margarita or the Mai Tai. Upserve can also talk with your table management system to pull in guest notes and guest codes.


A dozen locations. One guest.

Most table management and point of sale systems are isolated to each restaurant location, but Guest Book works at the brand level, so you can understand a guest’s visits to every location in one central place. When a VIP from Boston makes a reservation in Los Angeles, you’ll know.


Know your regulars

Upserve creates turn-key “Guest Lists” of your biggest spenders, your regulars, and your most recent guests so you know who is most important to your business.


Your guests: sliced, diced and minced

Understand guests any way you want. Wine lovers. Campers. Big tippers who come in on Tuesdays. Upserve makes it easy to create a quick guest list defined by pretty much any ingredient your imagination can cook up. Substitutions welcomed.


Have a little taste of your guests

Wondering whether your brunch customers or your wine lovers do more for your bottom line? With Guest Book, it’s easy to compare key insights across any guest list you can imagine, so you can plan marketing and other important business decisions more easily.