What Can We Do Better, Tomorrow?

The numbers don’t mean anything without context and action. The best way to make use of our restaurant daily sales reports and the insights they contain is to identify potential issues and opportunities to help you improve your restaurant over the long term.

Repeat customers are the gold standard in the hospitality industry. It costs 5x as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing customer. Because of this, it’s important to always be thinking about how to get people to come back in.

Upserve can track sales and visits from all repeat customers—whether or not they’ve signed up for your loyalty program with a connected credit card. While you’re at it, compare the percentage of sales associated with repeat visitors versus new guests and how the average check compares. These data points can help you gauge how well you’re doing in building up a loyal customer base and if there’s an opportunity to train your staff to upsell repeat customers.

Case Study: The WestEnd Turns a Slump into $72,000 in Additional Sales

Ryan helps manage a group of restaurants in Chicago, they’re popular spots for college football fans, and see a steady stream of repeat business on Sundays. But he noticed sales were down at the West End at the end of Q4 of last year.

He had a hunch it was due to lower repeat customer spend, but he didn’t have the facts to back it up. Then he got Upserve. In one quarter (just 3 months!) he was able to pinpoint the drop in sales to repeat customer business.

He immediately launched a series of targeted in-store promotions – including server re-training and specials targeted at the loyal fans he knew were coming in for the games. He was able to increase repeat customer spend by 7%… which might not seem like a lot. This resulted in an additional $72,000 in sales. That’s a potential increase of $300,000 a year if the trend continues, and that’s only for one of the 10 bars he helps to run. That is a small change with a very big result.