“I’m able to identify which servers are selling the most and which aren’t, and then focus on training those who need a little extra help”
Jeffrey BarkerChamberlain’s Steak and Chop House

A restaurant server performance evaluation allows you to:

  • Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each server to see how they rank with their peers in selling specific menu items during certain shifts.
  • Identify which servers need the most coaching right now – so you can take immediate action that will have the biggest impact your bottom line.
  • Pair a top performer with a weaker server to share tips on how to boost sales and raise the average check size. For example, do you have a server who’s struggling to upsell higher-priced items such as a bottle of wine with a meal? Pair them with a server who excels at it to create a targeted, specific training opportunity that will deliver results by shift’s end.
  • Schedule your top-performing servers on busy nights or assign them to VIP tables. This not only ensures that your best guests are receiving superior service, but that your most valuable servers are earning more money at each shift. Well-paid servers make happy employees, which boosts staff loyalty and retention – and ultimately profits.
  • Compare servers’ performance to the week or the month before to track progress over time. Share scorecards with each server so they can track their own progress from week to week. And analyze historical trends to determine if your training is working over the long term.

Once you’ve done the coaching, arranged server contest for some friendly competition, you can easily track how your team is progressing. Compare their performance to the week or the month before, spot the trends, so you know if your efforts are paying off.