Upserve Virtual POS with Online Ordering

Full POS for your Restaurant

$99/month  $0 for 12 months*


  • NO Setup costs
  • NO subscription fee for one year
  • NO restaurant commission fees for online orders

Built FREE in just hours**

Works on your

Integrated online ordering

Artificial intelligence enabled menus

$100 in locally targeted social ads
“I would highly recommend switching to Upserve. A restaurant in our complex is using Aloha and they're doing all of their online orders by phone or email. It’s a nightmare! If we didn’t have Upserve, our transition to online ordering would not have been as smooth or successful.”

Jennifer Tiberia

1910 Public House & Sprig

“Ever since these Coronavirus outbreaks happened, we've been using Upserve's online ordering at all three of our locations. They have been extremely helpful in setting it up, and frankly it’s a lifesaver.”

Greg Jasgur

Oxbow Brewing

* Upserve Virtual POS with Online Ordering is free for first 12 months of contract. At the end of the 12 months, the product will automatically renew at the then-current standard price. The current standard price for the product is $99/month. Customers must request cancellation of auto-renewal via email at least 60 days prior to the date of automatic renewal. Consumers placing online orders using a credit card will be charged a small fee that is currently assessed at 2.99%.
**Time to build is an estimate and is dependent on the existing processing infrastructure available at the restaurant buying this product.

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  • No subscription fee for 12 months*
  • No upfront costs
  • Zero restaurant commission fees for online orders
  • Includes $100 in social advertising
  • Includes AI powered Menu Optimizer
  • Includes text notifications with Google maps
  • Ready to use within hours**
  • No hardware purchase required