How New York’s Masala Box Easily Manages Volume with Upserve POS


When Masala Box, a full service Indian-fusion restaurant in Queens, New York, opened three years ago they needed a restaurant pos that was easy-to-use, could handle the volume of small restaurant, and didn’t cost thousands of dollars.


Masala Box chose Upserve POS because of the user-friendly interface, reliability, and small footprint in their restaurant.


Now, their staff can enter orders quickly (especially during weekend rushes), and keep the focus on delivering a better guest experience to drive repeat customers.

When Masala Box, a full service Indian-fusion restaurant in Queens, New York, first opened three years ago they knew they needed a reliable restaurant pos that was easy to use, maintain, and be cost effective.

“Upserve POS system has been very reliable from our part. We’ve had it since we opened the restaurant three years ago. One of the most attractive features was that for first time small restaurant owners, the amount of volume and the user friendliness that we have to face, it offered all that and we saw the value in that.” – Karan Verma, General Manager.

And with one of the most creative menus in NYC, they wanted a restaurant pos that would allow them to give their guests the same experience as their food does. Upserve POS gives them time back to focus on their guests, their food, and their staff.

About Masala Box

Masala Box is a small, family owned restaurant in Bayside, Queens, New York. They are a full-service restaurant specializing in Indian-fusion cuisine. In addition to sit down dining, they offer takeout and delivery options as well.