On The Line with FiRE + iCE: A Boston Restaurant Origin Story

“The grill is going, the music is going, the audience is loving the show by the chefs, so I really attribute the grill as being the heart of this concept. ”

– Rafael Barbosa

There is no one magic ingredient that guarantees a restaurant will be successful. And although FiRE + iCE has an amazing Mongolian style grill sitting at the heart of their restaurant, the grill alone cannot be singled out as the reason they continue to grow as a brand. The people, the atmosphere, and the overall passion for food keep their current guests loyal, and bring new ones in their doors every day. Watch their story.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Rafael Barbosa, operating partner at FiRE + iCE, to learn about how the restaurant came into existence, how it’s evolved, and how it continues to find new ways to entertain. If you ever find yourself at any of their wonderful locations, make sure to stop by and let your imagination and appetite run wild with their create your own plate concept!

We work with restaurateurs across the country that share Rafael’s passion for hospitality and always looking to expand our family. Learn more about Upserve here.

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