Smarter, Faster, Easier: Why Restaurants Choose Upserve

Hear restaurateurs across the country talk about how the Upserve Restaurant Management Platform empowers their restaurant to thrive and spend more time on delivering remarkable hospitality.


We’re looking to build relationships with our customers. Just because it’s Tuesday, it’s somebody’s Saturday night and there’s something special happening and you have a chance to be apart of someone’s, potentially a lifelong memory. It’s unique that a company like Upserve can come in and seamlessly become part of our operation.

As an owner I wear so many hats. I’m chef, janitor, customer service, everything, so to be able to just have it all in one spot for myself, awesome.

Since the integration of Upserve POS and Upserve HQ, having them both work together has been a great addition. Not only can we have a reliable fast POS system, we’ve really seen the analytical information that we’ve received from our guests, go through the roof.

The technology is smart technology. The system’s intuitive. It’s extremely easy for a new person to learn the system. We’ve had new hires come aboard and they can actually take an order, process it, take a payment, and they’ve learned all of that in the first 3, 4 minutes on the job.

Upserve POS is easy to use. Much easier than the other POS’s we’ve used in the past. The less intrusive in the operation, in the day-to-day, the better.

Previously if I wanted to pull up stats for our team, it was you know, numerous reports and doing the math on my own and tracking these things in excel spreadsheets. What Upserve has done by tying in systems that don’t always operate together, it’s kind of bridged into one system where you can gather tremendous amounts of information to utilize.  It’s been a tremendous time saver for me, as an operator.

Upserve HQ is probably the first thing I do in the morning, apart from obviously when I kiss my girlfriend and say, “Morning, darling.” It really is a review of what’s happened the night previously.

Something that’s very important to me, is that you have to have remote access to it. I need to be able to look at reports, get reports e-mailed to me, on a regular basis. it’s something that makes my life easier.

The biggest difference I’ve seen with Upserve taking over Upserve, I would say they got their customer service back to what it needed to be. I’ve seen leaps and bounds, and it was definitely something whereas, if something does happen, you want someone on the other end of the phone.

Generally we feel that, Upserve HQ and Upserve POS, they have helped us to do our job. They go into the background, they give us information efficiently, quickly, and they get out of the way. Which is what we need because our focus is the customers, it has to be.

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