Upserve Is Truluck's Single Source For Managing Daily Restaurant Operations

Truluck’s, an 11 location fine dining restaurant known for their fresh crab and steak, hasn’t introduced a lot of technology into their business over the past ten years. But ever since adding Upserve HQ’s restaurant analytics to their operations, they’ve shaved hours off their time everyday by never having to dig through spreadsheets again.


My name is Riley Hutton. I’m Managing Partner with Truluck’s Seafood, Steak, and Crab at the downtown Austin location.

I’ve been in the industry since ninety-three, so that was really the edge of technology just kinda blowing up.

We’ve introduced very little to what we do in the past eleven years I’ve been with the company. So it’s unique that a company like Upserve can come in and seamlessly become part of our operation and preparation for shifts and then summaries of those shifts. It’s been a tremendous time saver for me, as an operator.

Previously if I wanted to pull up stats for our team, it was you know, numerous reports and doing the math on my own and tracking these things in excel spreadsheets. What Upserve has done by tying in systems that don’t always operate together, it’s kind of bridged into one system where you can gather tremendous amounts of information to utilize.

It helps us personalize experiences and recognize those customers that might slip through the cracks.

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