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Maybe it’s time you put all your eggs in one basket, especially since prices are at an 10-year low.

Fried, poached, boiled, scrambled, cured- you make them and people eat them up, figuratively and literally. Eggs are a crucial ingredient to many different recipes but lately they have been seeing their time to shine. When the trend hit that a fried egg will, in fact, make any dish you could think of better people started to view this previously simple ingredient as a clear addition to a dish.

With the rise of the paleo diet in 2011, and other protein based diets following, eggs became imperative to many people’s diets. As a quick and portable way to get some much needed protein, eggs became all the rage.

Yet, there has been a constant debate of whether or not egg yolks are actually bad for you with the answer constantly flip-flopping (currently the answer is eat the egg yolk).

Now that egg yolks are not the devil, and it’s in style to have an egg with almost everything- what about price? As of June 2016 eggs hit a 10-year price low.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

While the price of eggs has fluctuated throughout the past ten years, a record high as recent as August of 2015, there have been times where they’ve just been unjustifiably expensive for little more than a garnish.

After a 52% price reduction from last year, eggs seem like the easy choice for add-ons. It isn’t every day that the cost of a recipe critical item lines up financially to the restaurateur and the customer, so it is a chance everyone should jump on.

Actually, now it is time for the egg yolk to truly shine. Between people idolizing the glistening yellow of a perfectly runny yolk, or curing the yolk – it’s being added to anything and everything. On top of burgers, ramen, heck even pizza, if it can fit then you have an egg-cellent meal. It has been dubbed a continuing food trend for 2017, so settle in for a lot of yolky goodness.

The benefits of the egg trend are plentiful. No one has ever balked at an inexpensive way to fill up with some good fats and protein, and since it makes for beautiful pictures then your dishes will be all over social media invoking envy of every trendy foodie out there. But that doesn’t mean that you just toss an egg in a pan and you have an instant hit. Restaurateurs across the country have been embracing other ways to use this ingredient, with a rise in the salted egg yolk creativity is at an all time high for ways to utilize this ingredient.

The opportunities are endless for benefiting from these low prices and your guests are onboard to see what you have up your sleeve. It’s time to be creative and see how one addition can refresh your menu. Use this binder to get you out of a bind and let it shine.


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