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When you’re marketing your small business you often find yourself recalling different situations and moments that best illustrate what you’re trying to say. In essence, you’re storytelling. Storytelling is fundamental in businesses because stories educate customers, grow businesses and motivate employees. One of the best mediums for storytelling, other than the written word, is video.

The Internet has become the most efficient way for people to experience video. This is why you should consider using web video to promote your business. Below are 3 videos from different businesses. Each of them has a different tone and inspires customers in a different way. They all tell a story.

When they customer is done watching these videos, they not only want to spend their money with the business, but they want to shake the hand of the business owner too.

B.Good Storytelling

This interview of B.Good co-founders Jon Olinto and Anthony Rosenfeld stress what they deem is the most important aspect of B.Good: their fresh food and wholesome ingredients. The video shows off the fresh produce the company uses, images of the people who grow the food, and stories of how they grew up with fresh, simple meals made of real food. Olinto and Rosenfeld really stress the idea throughout the video that they want to make “fast-food real” by providing their customers with all of the information of where their food came from. Their passion can be seen throughout the video and it truly encourages customers to try their real, wholesome fast-food.

Domino’s Storytelling

Domino’s, though not a small business, has faced some trough patches throughout their history, the most recent being with their pizza tasting like cardboard. To address this issue and how they turned their pizza around, Domino’s released this video telling the story as to how they fixed their pizza. This video, shot at their headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI, brings the viewer behind the scenes to their test kitchen where the chefs and company executives are interviewed and questioned about their terrible pizza. The story begins with focus groups and negative reviews the company had to completely redefining their traditional pizza in their test kitchens. Domino’s reintroduces their brand to the public in this storytelling video and redefines their business for the future.

PVDonuts Storytelling

Highlighting their intricate and classic doughnuts that they make daily, PVDonuts excels at showing off their business’s creativity and philosophy in this video. The video is constantly panning to shots of doughnuts being cut, fried, and glazed leaving the viewer with their mouth watering and the urge to visit PVDonuts for one of their glorious creations. Voicing over the images is their head baker, Lori, telling the audience about how PVDonuts firmly believes in their business’s philosophy of treating yourself. This video not only is a superb example of showing off the doughnut shops products but also excellently gets their business’s message across!


Don’t these videos make you want to eat at each restaurant? This is the power of video storytelling.

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