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Running any business, let alone a restaurant comes with its fair share of operational challenges. From restaurant menu ideas to restaurant customer service, there are common issues (and solutions!) that come up for every eatery, whether it’s a well-established operation or a new startup.

Here are 3 that restaurateurs commonly face… that you can overcome.

1- Menu

There is a fine balance between quality and quantity of items on your menu. You want guests to feel like they are getting great food and drink for the purchase price, and to make sure the quality of food is consistent each time they visit.

Solve this challenge: Stick with the vendors that supply great products and let kitchen staff know what your standards are for delicious, consistent meals.

For more restaurant menu ideas, and how to win your guests over in 109 seconds (the average time spent looking at a restaurant menu) check out this guide.

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2- Staff

Frequent staff turnover or troublesome employee issues can be one of the more frustrating aspects of managing a restaurant. It’s important to keep open communication with all staff about operational issues or concerns so that everyone from servers to chefs feel valued for their time and talent.

Solve this challenge: Regular trainings or staff meetings will help all staff feel part of the restaurant team and emphasize the importance of everyone working towards a common goal.

For more information on training, and ways to retain your staff to combat the restaurant industry’s high turnover rate, check out this guide.

3- Customer Service

Standing out from the wide expanse of dining options is crucial for any restaurant’s success. Creating a unique dining experience for your guests that centers of excellent customer service helps create loyalty and is key in promoting your business in this age of social media reviews and sharing.

Solve this challenge: Emphasizing a great guest experience with positive, welcoming attitudes from start to finish, from the hostess to the kitchen staff, helps build a strong customer service base that can help you overcome other operational obstacles.

Customer service begins with hiring a great management team. Get started here. 

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