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Give the people what they want. And by people, I mean millennials. And why millennials? Well, they are now the biggest group of people on earth. Pew Research Center reported that in April 2016, this group of people made up 75.4 million of people on earth, whereas the Baby Boomers made up 74.9 million. With that said, whether or not you currently consider millennials your target audience, they will be before you know it, so you might as well start figuring out what they are craving.

Millennial Profile:

  • Aged: 16-34
  • More ethnically and racially diverse than older adults
  • ¾ of them have a profile on a social networking site
  • ? have posted a video of themselves online
  • They are the most educated generation in American history

Differences in lifestyle, upbringing and attitude develop taste preferences based on generation. Just as each generation has its set of culture and trends associated with it, each generation also has a unique palate.

1. Flavors they prefer

Flavor trends seem to start out as a fad, and soon evolve into a cultural norm. For example, in the 1980’s some flavor trends were Caesar dressing, hot sauce, and buffalo sauce. Today those are more than trends and are a staple in our culture.

In 2016, here are some flavor trends that are led by the millennial generation. Who knows, these could be the norm in 20 years!

  • Cajun
  • Miso
  • Saffron
  • Wasabi
    By clicking on each flavor, check out pros that are succeeding by jumping on this flavor bandwagon.

2. Words that catch their eye on your menu

For millennials, it’s all about education. They are the most educated generation in history, and they want to know as much about what they are eating as possible. This means that they like to know where their food comes from, the process that it went through to be made, and why they should be eating it. When designing your menu, use buzzwords like these to grab their attention.

  • Unprocessed
  • Local
  • Fresh
  • Grass-Fed

3. Trending food types

As the most diverse generation, millennials have no problem venturing out to try new and exotic foods. Don’t worry, this does not mean that traditional American staples like pasta, pizza, and burgers are going out of style. However, these types of foods will become more “regular” over the next few years thanks to this generation.

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According to Generation Consumer Trend Report by Technomic, here are some foods that many Millennials say they would order regularly.

  • Chinese, 59%
  • Mexican, 57%
  • Barbecue, 55%
  • Breakfast foods, 54%
  • Sandwiches (other than burgers) 49%

For tips on targeting millennials on social media, check this out. For more food culture trends check out this blog on foodies.

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