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Today we’re excited to share that Upserve is managing more than $4 billion in annual sales on our market-leading platform for restaurant, hospitality and retail brands. In just six months, we’ve doubled sales under management and now provide businesses with insights on more than 20 million consumers. These figures represent a four-fold increase over the past year, making Upserve the fastest growing New England technology firm in its class.

What Do Merchants Want?

The rapid adoption of Upserve’s cloud-based platform comes at a time when restaurants and retailers of all sizes are looking for a simple way to aggregate, secure and transform their data into powerful insights to grow sales.

Upserve makes it easy for operators to see payments, point-of-sale and online data in one place. This all-in-one approach delivers operators the insights they need to be successful in driving customer acquisition, loyalty and revenue.

For the first time, operators can easily answer:

  • Which menu items bring customers back?
  • How can I coach specific servers to increase sales?
  • Which marketing efforts are worth the investment?
  • Which location needs attention today?
  • Who are the best customers at each location, and why?

NULLIf you manage a restaurant or retail business grossing more than $1 million per location and want to learn more, visit or call 866-55GETUP.

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What’s Next?

After beginning 2013 with fewer than 30 employees, we’ll end this year with 150 employees in our Providence, Rhode Island office, where Upserve is the fastest-growing company downtown and the fastest-growing technology firm in the state.

Team members have recently joined Upserve from California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nevada, New York and other states. Two of our most exciting new additions are Chris Brubaker, VP Marketing, and Dave Hoffman, VP Business Development. Prior to joining Upserve, Chris led marketing at Demandforce (now a division of Intuit), where he oversaw the growth of its automated marketing solution to more than 20,000 local businesses. Dave joins us from Micros (now a division of Oracle), where he led product management and marketing. They’ll be focused on acquiring customers and partnering with companies that share Upserve’s vision to build the operating system for local commerce.

If you share our passion for helping businesses make smarter decisions with data and are looking for your next big career opportunity, it’s a great time to connect with us. See a video about our culture and explore current openings at